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Posted on 05 May 2017

Hey there, I’m Jessica of Hello Louise Boutique. Most days you can find me scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest and my suppliers stock trying to find beautiful pieces to bring to you. I am mostly known for being a bit quirky and passionate about fashion and photography. People often refer to me as Jess the mess.

I love serving the world by bringing beautiful clothing that sparks joy in women lives. The things I am most passionate about in life are god, my husband, my family and friends, my dog and my store!

So what can I tell you about Hello Louise? Well....I stock products for people who are looking for clothing that is modest, fashionable and fun And a little different.

I am lucky to have over 10 years experience in retail, and the graphic design and photography skills to build and customise the store to my customers needs.

When I’m not busy working on you can catch me playing with my dog, brunching with my friends or at the beach with my husband. My husband Paul is an amazing man who encourages my goals and desires to make Hello Louise a huge success and celebration about affordable fashion. Paul and I have navigated through the hardest first year of marriage with him being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer only 2 months into our marriage (8 months later he is now in remission – YAY)! In the depths of our despair, I turned to online shopping to console myself– and I found joy. And I had a thought…I wanted to bring joy to others, and that’s how Hello Louise was born.

For years I have had this deep seeded desire to build something to make people happy, but I never knew how or what to do. It took us to get to our darkest period in our lives to figure out how to do that. The desire to make Hello Louise a success in making others happy is an ongoing goal. So stick around, check us out and go through the checkout and see if we can do that very thing.


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